IBM SPSS Statistics error 7001 There is no licenses found for IBM SPSS Statistics. Unable to License SPSS


IBM SPSS Statistics  error 7001 There is no licenses found for IBM SPSS Statistics 



Windows and Mac

SPSS version all versions



SPSS is unable to read the license from the file containing license keys



On occasion, after licensing  SPSS  users may experience one of the following errors

  1. “Error 7001 There is no license for IBM SPSS Statistics” 
  2. When starting SPSS, the program will default to the SPSS license wizard asking the user to license it again. 

Note  Do not attempt to uninstall or reinstall SPSS, this will not correct this issue.

If you are unable to correct this issue by applying the steps in this knowledge base article, please escalate the issue to the Desktop Operating Systems group


To correct this error implement the steps below:


  1.    Try to run License Authorization Wizard as Administrator. How to run a program as Administrator in winodws
  2.    The issue may be caused by insufficient privileges granted to the account. You may try to take full control of the SPSS installation directory


  1.  Open up FINDER.
  2. Open up the APPLICATIONS folder. 
  3. Open up the IBM folder.
  4.  Open up the SPSS folder 
  5. Open up the Statistics folder
  6. Open up the folder for the version of the product  (24, 25, etc.)
  7. Locate the "SPSS<product>.app" (application bundle) right click, and choose "Show Package Contents". 
  8. Open up the "Contents" folder 
  9. Open up the "bin" folder 
  10. Locate and Control-Click the file named echoid.dat and choose Open With, and then choose to open it with the Text
  11. Change the value in the file echoid.dat from 0x010 to 0x004 
  12. Save the echoid.dat file with the same name.
  13. In the same folder locate the file named LSERVRC file.
  14. Change the permission on the current license file LSERVRC file in this directory to Everyone Read & Write. If the LSERVC file does not exist, continue with step 15. con Change permissions for files, folders, or disks on Mac - Apple Support
  15. Run the License Authorization Wizard of SPSS on /Applications/IBM/SPSS/<product>/<version>/ while the computer is connected to the Internet  Using the same 20 digit authorization code.   How to license Spss
  16. Launch SPSS. 
  17. There should be no license errors displayed.
  18. If you are still experiencing the 7001 error, do not reinstall Spss. Contact Desktop Operating for further assistance.


Still, need help? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you:

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SPSS Request for Students


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