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Client is erroneously prompted for User ID and PIN

What should I enter for the User ID and PIN?

What is my PIN number? Can you reset my PIN?






The error is generally a sign that something locally is blocking the client from accessing the site correctly- this can be due to an unsupported browser, a slow or intermittent internet connection, problems with the device used for access, etc. Once the user sees this prompt, they likely will continue to see the prompt until they attempt some troubleshooting steps below and start a new login session.



Q: What should I enter for the User ID and PIN?

A: Nothing. Do not enter anything into the User ID or PIN fields. Doing so will cause the Web Access to be Disabled. Instead, view the sections below to clear the error. You may need to log out/log back in and test the steps for what you were trying to access again- the goal is to get the page to display normally and NOT to display the User ID and Pin prompt.


Students, Faculty, and Staff

  1. Clear browser cache. This will most likely fix the issue. Clear Cache Guide
  2. It could be the web browser. Try using a different web browser such as Firefox or Microsoft Edge.
  3. Make sure pop ups are enabled. Enable Pop Up Windows
  4. It could be the Internet Service Provider. Some companies block ports, particularly satellite. Try from another location if this applies.If that is not possible, you could also test from a mobile device using cellular data- that would help you determine if it is your network.
  5. Make sure the computer has the latest updates.
  6. If accessing from a network with stricter Firewall settings, try from another location. Firewall settings can block the communication. This is common in work environments, other schools, military bases, etc.

Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you.  MyCharleston Access


Service Desk

Is the student's login still their CWID number? If so, the account may have not fully created. View the account in Luminis. If the "External Information System ID" field is blank, add the CWID number there and save.


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