Create a Shortcut to a Network Folder on your Desktop


How do I create a shortcut on my desktop to a network folder?



File path must be known

Employee must have permissions to the folder



Frequently accessed folders are easier to get to if there is a shortcut created.




Method 1

  1. Map the Network Drive
  2. Click and drag the icon located in Computer to the Desktop

Method 2

  1. Right-click a blank area of the desktop
  2. Select New>Shortcut
  3. Enter the file path in the "Type the location of the item" box
  4. Click Next
  5. Type in a Name for the shortcut
  6. Click Finish



  1. Click Go on the top menu bar. Choose Connect to Server. (Or press command + K on the keyboard)
  2. Type in the file path, up to the folder just before the folder you wish to create a shortcut to. For example, to create a shorcut to a folder called Department located on the drayton server then data folder, type smb://drayton/data
  3. Click Connect
  4. Locate the folder you wish to create a shortcut to. Hold the option and command key while clicking and dragging the folder to the desktop. IMPORTANT!! Confirm that it has a curved arrow over it before dropping. You want to create a shortcut, not move or copy the folder. When you drop the folder on the desktop, the curved black arrow should appear in the corner of the icon, indicating a shortcut.


Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you. Network File Assistance