Fax Machine Unable to Send or Receive Faxes


The fax machine is not receiving or sending faxes.



on campus fax machines



The number is disconnected.

The cable is not connected.

The fax machine is not receiving power.

The fax machine is broken.

There may be a problem on the sender's end.




The following can be tried by the end-user:

  1. Try faxing to/from a different number. The issue could be on the other end.
  2. Check the plug. Make sure it is plugged into a working outlet to receive power.
  3. Check that the fax machine is powered on.
  4. Check network cable at both ends. Make sure it is connected to the correct port in the network jack.
  5. Test sending a fax to the "non-working" fax machine from a known working machine.
  6. Test receiving fax from the "non-working" fax machine to a known working fax machine.
  7. Contact the IT Service Desk with example dates/times of the fax problems, which number was sending and which number was receiving.


First Contact Technician

For Service Desk technicians:

  1. Obtain the fax number. Go through steps above with the client first if this has not already been done. Take note of sending and receiving fax numbers, and test other numbers. These will be needed later if the problem gets escalated to Segra. If problem has not been identified, proceed below until you find the source of the issue.
  2. Log into eSpirit and confirm that the number has not been disconnected. It is common for a department admin to request for disconnections when reviewing the phone bill.



For Service Desk and Field Technicians:

  1. If the line is not disconnected, call the number to confirm that the calls are going through. If there is no dial tone, report the issue to Segra.
  2. If the line is not disconnected and there is dial tone, escalate to a field tech to double check all the physical connections.
    1. Check the outlet, that the machine is powered on, that the network cable is connected in the right port and functioning properly
    2. Check the adtran. May require that the adtran be rebooted.
  3. If there is a problem with the Adtran that is not resolved with a simple reboot, put in a tech labor request to the state phone technician.
  4. If the issue is the fax machine itself, the device will need to be repaired or replaced. Client will need to contact Cougar Print for repairs (if it is a multi-function device with a Cougar Print sticker) or Procurement to replace the fax machine.


Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you:  Report Telephone Issue


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