Missing Folder in Outlook


 I just move some emails to a folder, and now I cannot find the folder.

I cannot see my folders list. It is usually on the lefthand side, but is not there anymore.






  • Subfolders are hidden
  • Navigation Pane is collapsed (Windows)
  • Sidebar is not enabled (Mac)
  • A known bug in versions predating 16.0.7167.xxxx are causing Outlook to open without the Folder Pane or Sidebar



Unhide Subfolders

If you can see some folders, but not all, you may need to expand the parent folder.
The navigation pane on the left hand side lists all of your folders. For any folders that contain subfolders, a triangle will be shown to the left of the folder. If the triangle is pointing to the right, the subfolders are not shown. To unhide the subfolders, click the triangle. It will then point downward and the subfolders will become unhidden.

Expand the Folder Pane (Windows)

On the View menu, in the Layout group, click Folder Pane and choose Normal.


Enable the Sidebar

On the top menu bar, click the View menu, and select Sidebar.



  1. Check for and install updates for the Office Suite.
  2. Quit Outlook and restart.


Do you still need assistance? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you. Outlook Assistance


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