Can't Find What You're Looking For?


I can't find what I'm looking for.

How do I find the correct service?


Team Dynamix


You can search the Knowledge Base by category, or you can use the Search the client portal box in the upper right corner. Use it just like a Google search.

Too many results? You can narrow down the options by entering quotation marks around key words. For example, if you search for Microsoft Teams without quotes, the results will show all articles that have Microsoft or Teams in the article. If you search "Microsoft" "Teams" it will only give results that have both words in the article. If you search "Microsoft Teams" if will give you only articles that have the two words written together, giving the most refined results. 


If you don't quite find the answer you are looking for after reading an article, you can submit a support ticket. There is a link to submit support tickets at the bottom of each article. Each link is different, depending on the issue the article describes.  Here is a tutorial on How to Fill Out a Request Form.


Other resources to find help:

A-Z Service Catalog List

Chat with the Service Desk

Contact the Service Desk

Submit the "Still require assistance?" support ticket.


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