Locate My CWID


How do I locate my CWID?


Applies to CofC employees, students, and alumni


  1. Go to MyCharleston
  2. Click Get Login Assistance
  3. Click Locate Your CWID
  4. Fill out the form and submit
  5. The CWID will be displayed at the bottom of the page

CWID not Located?

  1. Last Name: Make sure the last name is spelled correctly. Use the last name on record. Hyphenated names: try with and without the hyphen; try just one name or the other.
  2. Social: Enter the last 5 digits, not the last 4 digits. It's also a common mistake to enter the 6th from the last and then last 4 because of the rhythm used to memorize the SSN. Make sure is is the last 5 digits.
  3. Birthdate: The birthdate must be entered in the format indicated on the screen, mm/dd/yyyy. You must enter the forward slashes (/) as well as the correct number of digits.
  4. The checkbox must be checked.
  5. If still not locating the CWID, something must be incorrect in the database. Correction of SSN or Birthdate is completed by the Registrar's Office (current student/alumni), Human Resources (employees), Admissions (newly accepted undergraduate student who has not yet registered for classes), or Graduate School (newly accepted graduate student who has not yet registered for classes).

International Students without an SSN, contact the Center for International Education for assistance in locating your CWID.

Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you.  IT General Request


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