Find My Permanent Credentials


I never received an email with my permanent MyCharleston credentials.

I never received my Cmail account.



MyCharleston or Cmail

Newly admitted students



New students must have permanent login credentials in order to access resources such as the Housing Application fee, Parking, Cmail, Appointment Manager, Add/Drop Classes, etc.

Reasons why a new student has not received an email yet with the new credentials include:

  • The $400 enrollment deposit has not been made yet
  • The email has not been sent yet. Allow 24 hours for processing after deposits are made.
  • The email is in the junk/spam folder or sent to a different account than expected.


  1. If permanent credentials have been created, you can look up the login online.
  2. If the enrollment deposit has not been paid, make the required deposit through eBill
  3. If you have paid the deposit within the last business day, allow time for the Treasurer's Office to process the payment.
    • Treasurer's Office: 843-953-5572
  4. If the Treasurer's Office confirms all required deposits have been made, and it has been at least one business day since the payment was processed, submit a ticket for IT. The Identity Access Management group will review your ticket to resolve the issue. 

Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you.  MyCharleston Access


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