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Can I get Office installed on my own computer?

How do I install Microsoft Office 365?



For CofC Employees 

See: Install Office 365 for Students if you are an enrolled student.



Office 365 is available to all college-owned employees and students. While you are employed at College of Charleston, you can use Office 365 on your home computer at no cost to you. (As long as you are considered an active adjunct with the College, and have not been terminated by HR, you will have access to your Office 365 account and the software that goes with it.) Office 365 can be downloaded on up to 5 computers and 5 mobile devices - personal or college-owned.

NOTE: If you are running a personal or trial version of Office365, you must uninstall that version before installing the college-provided version. (Uninstall for PC, for Mac)

Installing Office 365

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in* with your <username> email address (Be sure to click on the sign in button. Attempting to sign up rather than sign in will give an error message.)
  3. Click Install Office then Office 356 Apps to download the Office installer.

       3. Follow the steps to download the installer (Mac view)

Windows View


It's highly suggested that you install OneDrive to store your files. see: Get Started with OneDrive

When you install from the Office 365 portal, the software is activated using your Office 365 email and password. It periodically checks the licenses assigned to you and deactivates the software if it cannot verify the license with your account. An employee who leaves the college will eventually be locked out of the software if it was downloaded from the free version available with the Office 365 account.

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