Install Self Service application on Mac


Install Self Service application on Mac - Apple 




Missing or needs re-installation


Must be connected to campus network:

  1. Open Terminal and verify jamf is installed. 'sudo jamf help' if it ask for a password, you're ok to proceed.
  2. Download QuickAdd package from
  3. Attempt to install (won't work if you aren't an Administrator on your machine).
  4. Explore Self Service features (installing network printers)

Installing software manually:

  1. Remote in to user’s machine with Safari vnc://(ip address)
  2. Click on Go - Connect to Server
  3. Type in afp://macserv and hit Connect
  4. Provide Admins credentials (acts if necessary)
  5. Double-click on Software
  6. Copy QuickAdd-xxxxx.pkg to the local machine and install

Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you. Computer - Repair and Service

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