Get Books for Classes


How do I know what books I need?

What books are required for my course(s)?

How do I order books?




Bookstore (Barnes & Noble)



You can find out what books are required and purchase books from the College bookstore:

  1. Visit the bookstore website and click Course Materials & Textbooks, then Find Find Course Materials.
  2. Enter your course information to locate the textbooks needed for your courses.
    • You can find your course information from your schedule in MyPortal.
  3. Click Find Materials.
  4. Select the items you wish to purchase.
  5. When ready, click Add to Cart.
  6. Click View Cart.
  7. Click Checkout.
  8. Proceed through screen prompts, providing information to complete your purchase.

Bridge Students can buy their books from Trident Tech Bookstore:

Do you still need help? You may contact the Bookstore for assistance at 843-953-5518.


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