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What is 3rd Millennium?

Do I have to complete 3rd Millennium?

I'm a new student- where do I find the alcohol and drug awareness program online?

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Admitted Students




College of Charleston has partnered with 3rd Millennium, whose mission is to help students address critical life skills such as alcohol abuse prevention, marijuana abuse prevention and sexual assault prevention in higher education institutions across the country. As part of our comprehensive alcohol, marijuana and sexual assault prevention program, College of Charleston expects all incoming freshmen and transfer students to complete Alcohol-Wise, Consent-Wise and Marijuana-Wise. Whether you use alcohol and drugs or not, this course will empower students to make well-informed decisions and help all better cope with behaviors of their peers. Completion of 3rd Millennium is mandatory for all incoming freshmen and transfer students admitted for the current term under the age of 25.



To access the course:

  1. Log into MyPortal
  2. Click on the 3rd Millennium tile 3rd Millennium Tile
  3. It should automatically sign you in.
    • Trouble signing in? If you can access MyPortal, but not 3rd Millennium, contact 3rd Millennium support using the contact information at the bottom of this article. 3rd Millennium may not have received your account information yet if you are a new or transfer student. In this case, contact 3rd Millennium and they will create a new account for you manually.
  4. It may ask you to reset your password using the original password. The original password is Cougars22


You may log into the courses as many times as needed; you do not have to complete it in one sitting. 

Alcohol-Wise Part II will be available 30 days after finishing Part I (passing with a 70 or higher), and you will be notified by email when it is open for you. 



Do you still need help? 

For technical questions, including trouble logging into your account, please contact 3rd Millennium at help@3rdmil.com, or 1-888-810-7990.

For non-technical questions, such as course requirements, please contact Rachel Goulet (Counselor and AOD Outreach/Prevention Coordinator) at ragoulet@cofc.edu


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