ResNet Network Access


How do I connect to Resnet?

What Wi-Fi network do I connect to in a residence hall/historic house?

I am having issues with speed/connectivity with Resnet- what do I do?


Windows, Mac, etc.

Historic houses/residence halls


ResNet is a high-speed internet service that provides internet access to every student living on campus at the College of Charleston. Resnet is the preferred network in any residence hall and historic house- other network options, such as EduRoam, are not guaranteed in these locations. This service is covered in the cost of student housing, so there are no monthly fees. Support for the network in the residence halls and historic houses is provided by Apogee. For support, please call 1-855-290-7138 or text ResNet to 84700.

View instructions on how to connect to ResNet.

View Frequently Asked Questions about MyResnet.

Additional information on Apogee can be found at How to Contact Apogee and on the Information Technology website.


Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you. Historic House and Residence Hall Resnet Network Access


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