Install MATLAB and Associate a College of Charleston license


The client was not able to associate a license key after creating the MATLAB account using the information provided. Determined that if they used the link within the documentation to "Associate MATLAB account" it would then associate the created account.


Professor's office computer, students' personal computers, Windows, Mac OS. 

For classroom installation please submit a request



Follow the instructions on for new users, if being prompted to associate the license, use the link to Associate MATLAB license.

Install MATLAB on your Computer

Existing MATLAB Users

  1. Click on the following link.
    1. Associate MATLAB license
  2. Log in with your MATLAB credentials
  3. You MUST select the link to associate your current account to the new College of Charleston campus license.

New Users

  1. Click on the following link
    1. Create new MATLAB account
  2. You must use a valid College of Charleston email account.

Instructions for All Users

  1. Follow these detailed installations instructions. If you need assistance, contact MathWorks customer service.

MATLAB Academy

Log in with your MATLAB account to access MATLAB Academy for online courses and tutorials. Access MATLAB Onramp, a free interactive, self-paced tutorial to help you learn the

ins and outs.


If you have problems using MATLAB, you should contact MathWorks' customer service.



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