Can't sign in to VoiceThread in OAKS


I can't login to VoiceThread from within OAKS Content.
From Content, I go to VoiceThread and it requires me sign in. Each time I sign in but it is not allowing me actually comment.
From Content, I go to VoiceThread and it says I don't have rights and I have to request access.




Normally caused because the user did not click on the VoiceThread link from the Course Homepage first.


When you encounter a VoiceThread (VT) within your OAKS class that requires you to login:

  1. Click on Course 
  2. From the right side, locate the VoiceThread at CofC widget
  3. Click Access VoiceThread for this Course.  This is what logs you into VT
  4. Now you can close the VoiceThread tab and return to the VT within your OAKS class
  5. You should now be logged in and be able to view and comment

NOTE: On Macs when using Safari, you may have to enable cross-site tracking to allow VoiceThread to log the user in. To do this, go to Safari Preferences, and go to the security tab to uncheck the box. If the VoiceThread lecture is not playing correctly, be sure to "Allow Auto-Play" from the Websites tab for


Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you -- OAKS - Help


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