Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard is not Working


My wireless mouse/keyboard is not connected.

My wired mouse/keyboard is not working.









  • Make sure the mouse/keyboard has fresh batteries, that the batteries are inserted in the correct direction, and that the power switch is in the On position.
  • Make sure the mouse/keyboard is within range.
  • Some wireless mice/keyboards, such as those used with Windows computers, have USB receivers that must be inserted into the computer in order for the computer to pair with the device. Make sure the receiver is inserted first and then try switching the device on. If the USB port is bad, try a different USB port. Windows will automatically detect the device if the receiver is plugged in, the device is powered on, and the device is within range of the receiver.
  • If you have another bluetooth device in the area, it may interfere with the signal. Make sure the previous wireless mouse is off, or better yet, remove the batteries altogether.
  • Check Blue tooth settings and confirm device is listed. If not add device.
  • If you are using a Mac computer, make sure Bluetooth is enabled in System Preferences.



  • Make sure it is plugged in all the way.
  • Try connecting it to another USB port.
  • Shut down the computer all the way (not just restart - all the way off), and then turn it back on.


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