No Sound/Audio Playing- Extron Lite


Sound/Audio is not playing in Extron-Lite Classroom


Classroom, Extron-Lite


Usually due to the following:

  • Extron-Lite system is unplugged (To Confirm: check to see if any of the power lights are on, for either Computer, Laptop, or Volume)
  • Wrong Input is selected on the Extron-Lite switch panel
  • Volume knob is Loose on the Extron-Lite switch panel


If the Extron-Lite system is:

  • Unplugged?
    • Try to reconnect the power cord to the outlet & then adjust volume knob
  • Set to an input that is not being used?
    • Make sure the Input is set to the device that is currently in use (Computer or Laptop)
  • Volume Knob Loose?
    • Press down on the knob & Twist it until the volume indicator lights turn from green --> red

Check the computer:

  • Are the volume controls on the computer unmuted and turned up?
  • Are the volume controls for the video player unmuted and turned up?
  • Reboot the computer.

Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you. Classroom Assistance


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