Software Request


Can I install [miscellaneous] software on my computer?



College-owned computer

You must have administrative rights on the computer before installing any new software.

If the software requires a license, a license must be purchased prior to installation/use.



Licensed Software

Please contact Service Desk or submit a support ticket for installation of any of the following software:

  •  Adobe Acrobat Pro
  •  Adobe Creative Suite (requires an IDT for the license)
  •  Microsoft Office
  •  GIS 
  •  JMP
  •  MindView 5 
  •  MiniTab 
  •  SAS (Windows only)
SPSS may now be installed by the student, faculty or staff member via AppsAnywhere.


Non-licensed Software

Other software may be installed as requested, but may not be fully supported. It is recommended not to download software from the Internet unless it comes from a reputable source such as the Apple Store, the Windows Store, or Google Play.


If you need software that requires a license, but it is not included in the list above, you may purchase through eProcure using standard purchasing procedures. If a purchase requires IT approval, the purchase will be pending IT approval. At that time IT will automatically be notified, will review the purchase request, ask follow up questions if necessary, and either approve/deny the request.


Still need help? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you: Office Software Request or Classroom Software Request


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