Handsets for wall mounted VoIP phones


The handset will not stay on the phone.


VoIP phone, and wall mount


The IP phone is packaged with the hookswitch tab in the desk mount position. Before mounting the IP phone to a wall, you must set the hookswitch tab to wall mount position.


The hookswitch tab has a lip which allows the handset to stay on-hook when the IP phone is mounted vertically.

Adjust the hookswitch tab: (The hookswitch is a small detachable piece located on the phone base, under the handset near the top where the top of the handset rests on the phone base.)

1. Lift the handset from the phone base.

2. Pull the hookswitch tab in the handset cradle.

3. Rotate the hookswitch tab 180 degrees.

4. Reinsert the hookswitch tab.

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