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How do I:

How do I forward my CofC Office phone number to another number?



CofC faculty and staff



Working remotely



Yealink T48G/SIP T48




From Any Phone

  1. Call 843-953-0615
  2. Enter your mailbox ID followed by the # key
    • Your mailbox ID is your 10 digit phone number
  3. Enter your passcode followed by the # key
    • This is the same passcode you use to check your voicemail
    • If you do not know your voicemail passcode and are not able to use any of the other methods mentioned in this article, submit a ticket for assistance
  4. Press 4 to change call forwarding options
  5. Listen to the recorded messaging and follow the instructions from there, according to what you wish to do
    • You can activate call forwarding, deactivate call forwarding, or change the call forwarding options


From Your Office Phone:

  1. When the phone is idle/not on a call, tap the Menu button
    1. Select Features
    2. Select Call Forward
  2. Select the desired forward type:
    1. Always Forward----Incoming calls are forwarded unconditionally.
    2. Busy Forward----Incoming calls are forwarded when the phone is busy.
    3. No Answer Forward----Incoming calls are forwarded if not answered after a period of time.
  3. Enter the number you want to forward to.
    1. For No Answer Forward:
      1. Tap the pull-down list of After Ring Time, and then tap the desired ring time to wait before forwarding.
  4. Tap the Save


From the Web:

  1. Log into Broadsoft, using the same credentials you use to log into Segra Unify
    • If you do not know your Segra Unify credentials and are not able to set up call forwarding using any of the other methods mentioned in this article, submit a ticket for assistance
  2. Choose Incoming Calls on the left
  3. From the Basic menu, choose Call Forwarding Always
  4. Change Call Forwarding Always to On
    • Other options are Call Forwarding Busy, and Call Forwarding No Answer; descriptions are noted under each link to know the difference
  5. In the Calls Forward to phone number /SIP-URI: field, enter the 10 digit phone number you wish to forward to
  6. Click Apply to Save Changes
  7. Changes take affect immediately



Do you still need assistance? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you: Telephone Assistance Request



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