First Time Logging In


I have never logged into MyCharleston, MyPortal, CSAS (scholarships), Office 365, OAKS, or any other CofC IT managed system before. What is my login and password?

What is the default password to log into my College of Charleston account?



Applies to systems that are managed by College of Charleston IT.

Applies to all CofC students, faculty, and staff accounts created after November 2020 (Before that time, the password was just CWID followed by 6 digit birthdate).

Employees must have already been entered into Banner by HR to have their account created in the nightly processes.




Locate Your MyCharleston Login - Use this link to look up your username, aka login.

*Admitted students may get a new login - letters instead of numbers - after enrollment deposits are processed.



Your initial password is: CWID + birthdate (mmddyy) + A! 

For example, if your CWID is 90000009 and your birthdate is Jan 5, 1995, then your initial password is: 90000009010595A!

Locate Your CWID - Use this link to look up your CWID if you do not know what it is.


 Important to know as you log in:

  1. The first time you log into MyCharleston, you will be prompted to set up your security questions (MyCharleston Secret Questions and Answers).
    • These questions can be used later to get into your MyCharleston account should you forget the password, and your account is not locked. Your account may be locked after 3 incorrect login attempts.
    • These questions are not the same as setting up Self Service Password Reset. The MyCharleston security questions can be used to reset your password, but only if your account is not locked.
  2. You should change your password when you log in.
    • If you are not automatically prompted to change the password, you can change your password once you log in by clicking the My Accounts tab and choosing Access My Account Preferences. The current password is the one listed above, and you can use the instructions on the page to create a new password.
  3. You should also set up Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) at this time.
    • This can be done from the My Accounts tab in MyCharleston. Alternatively, you can use this direct SSPR registration link. The important thing is that you do take the time to set it up.
    • SSPR is quickest way to reset your password across systems, and it will grant you access even if your account is locked. You may find these other sites useful:
      • For more information on SSPR - what it is, registering your account, how to reset your password - visit
      • Why Register for SSPR - This article gives a list of benefits on why everyone should register their account for SSPR
      • How to set up the Microsoft Authenticator App for SSPR (and Multi Factor Authentication) - The Microsoft Authenticator app is a popular choice to use as an authentication method. This article will help you with how to install the app on your phone and connect it to your account.


Initial password not working?

  1. It's possible you have logged in before - maybe in a previous semester, or maybe in a different system than MyCharleston. If you have already changed your password due to logging into a different system, such as Cougar Scholarships Awarding System (CSAS), try the new password you created.
    • When you change your password in one system, it changes it in all other systems that authenticate to Azure (Examples of systems that authenticate to Azure: MyCharleston, OAKS, Office 365, CSAS, Eduroam, MyPortal, etc.). So, if you have already logged into CSAS, you would have been prompted to change the password at that time, and therefore that changed your MyCharleston password, too. Examples of account passwords that don't authenticate to Azure are: student Cmail, Google Apps, Applicant Portal password. Those accounts do not automatically sync with MyCharleston, so this would not affect your MyCharleston password.
    • If you do not know what the password is, try the steps in the article, I Need to Reset My Password.
  2. If you have not logged into any of the aforementioned systems, including in previous semesters, double check that you are typing the initial password correctly. It is a common error for people to type in 4 digits for the year when adding in the digits for their birthdate. Note the initial password is your 8 digit CWID, followed by your 6 digit birthdate, and then A! - a 16 character password. If you are certain that you have typed it in correctly and just cannot log in or cannot reset your own password, don't panic - help is available! See the article I Need to Reset My Password -- it includes a section at the bottom that lets you know how to contact the IT Service Desk, and what information the IT Service Desk will need from you to help with your password.



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