Accessing Email


How do I access email?

What is the password to my email?



Applies to employee Exchange email accounts and student Cmail accounts

You must be connected to a secure network (one that requires username and password)



Students and Alumni

Your email address is your permanent MyCharleston username followed by

The first time you log into your Cmail account, the password will be your 8 digit CWID followed by your 6 digit birthdate (mmddyy format), and then the A! characters (Example format: 00000000111111A!). 

You can get to the sign-in page for your Cmail account by either of the below:

  1. Within MyCharleston, click on the Cmail icon
  2. Log in directly at:

Having trouble with your Cmail password? Try synchronizing it with MyCharleston, then try logging in with the same password you use for MyCharleston. If you also do not know your MyCharleston password, see the article, I Need to Reset My Password.


Employees (Active Faculty, Adjunct, and Staff)

Your email address is your MyCharleston username followed by

The password is the same as your MyCharleston password. The first time you log into MyCharleston, the password will be your 8 digit CWID followed by your 6 digit birthdate (mmddyy format), and then the A! characters (Example format: 00000000111111A!). Having trouble with your password? You can reset it using Self Service Password Reset.


There are several methods you may use to access your email:

  1. From MyCharleston: click on the "OWA" icon
  2. From the MyCharleston login page, before logging in, click the Office365 link. You will need to choose the icon for Outlook from the left hand side menu:
    • Outlook online icon via
  3. Open any web browser and go directly to
  4. If you are using your college-owned computer, Outlook should be installed. The first time you open Outlook, the setup wizard will begin. Make sure the computer is connected to the college network (via Ethernet cable or Eduroam wireless). It will automatically detect the required settings and will open your email.
  5. For setting up email on your iPad, iPhone, or personal Mac device - see the article titled, "Set Up an Outlook Email Account."



Not everyone gets to keep their email account post employment. In order to retain access to your account, please submit a Retired/Emeriti E-Mail Retention Request. If approved, you may continue to access your email account the way you always have.

Note, once your employment status changes to retired, your MyCharleston password and email password will no longer automatically synchronize. Your email address will remain the same, but if you change your MyCharleston password, it will not change your email password. If you have trouble accessing your email account, you can reset the password using Self Service Password Reset.



Do you still need assistance? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you.

Employee Email Assistance

Student Email Assistance


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