Transfer an iMovie project to another computer


Instructions for uploading an iMovie library file to Google Drive to resume work on a project from another device






Uploading an iMovie library

  1. Open iMovie.
  2. Click File > Open Library > New.  If you have already begun work on a project, instead select the project and click File Copy To Library New.
  3. Enter a name for the new library (a name related to the assignment might be helpful) and save it to the folder of your choice.  The chosen folder should now contain the new library.
  4. Copy the file to a removable drive (e.g. a USB flash drive).  Alternatively, upload the library file to your Google Drive.  For more details, see Google's instructions.

Note: depending on the size of the project and your connection speed, uploading or downloading this file may take a long time.

Resuming work from another computer

  1. Transfer the library file from your removable drive to the Mac you wish to use.  If you opted to upload the library file to your Google Drive, download it now.  For more details, see Google's instructions.
  2. Open iMovie.
  3. Click File > Open Library > Other
  4. Click Locate
  5. Browse to the folder you saved the library to and open the library.

Your project and related media should now be ready for continued editing.



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