Microsoft Teams - Overview and Channels


I want to set up Microsoft Teams for something I am working on with a group of individuals.


Microsoft Office 365 (PC and Mac)

Microsoft Teams Application

College @cofc email account.


Before using Microsoft Teams, you will need to create a new team. See this Teams overview and Teams Video Training and Create a Microsoft Team and Channel from Microsoft.

Create a new team

  1. In Teams, select Create team at the bottom-left of the screen.

  2. Enter a name and short description for your team.

  3. Select Create team.

  4. Enter a team member’s name, and select them from the picker. You can also add a group of people by entering an email alias, security list, or Outlook group.

  5. Select Done.

Create a channel for your team

  1. Select Select to see more options next to the team name.

  2. Select Add channel.

  3. Enter a name and short description for your channel.

  4. Select Add.



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