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How do I use my VoIP phone?






Quick Reference Guide

  • This is a soft copy of the laminated CofC reference card that was provided when CofC switched to VoIP. They were left on each desk when the phone was installed.
  • Use this to learn how to transfer a call, set call forwarding, check voice mail, and conference a call.


VoIP Quick User Guide

  • This is the pamphlet that was handed out in training when CofC switched over to VoIP. It is specific to the Yealink T48 phone model, not specific to CofC.
  • Quickly learn how to set up voice messaging, change voice mail greetings, check call history, adjust your volume, use the buttons on your phone, and place/answer a call.


VoIP T48 Full User Guide

  • This user guide gives the full details of your T48 VoIP phone


Watch Videos on How to Use the Yealink T48

  • This site gives the same information as the other two resources, but in video format instead of written format.


Request Segra Unify- Mobile And/Or Desktop App For VOIP Phone Line

  • Your CofC VOIP phone line can be set up to work as a softphone (mobile and/or desktop app), granting you greater access to use your College phone whether you are on or off campus.
  • Use the article information linked to find more information on what a softphone is, how to request one and how to set it up once configured on your phone line.


Do you still need assistance? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you. Telephone Issue


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