Kaltura video getting Access Denied error


Trying to view a Kaltura video and get Access Denied instead of seeing the video.




Normally, in Kaltura when you see an Access Denied, it means that the user (1) did not set their sharing setting properly or (2) did not use the proper steps for uploading media.  In both cases, the video owner needs to set it to Unlisted or Public before you can view it.


Regarding proper settings:

  1. The owner must log into Kaltura
  2. Locate the video under My Media
  3. Click on the video
  4. Under the video click Actions > Publish
  5. Select the desired course
  6. Click Save

Regarding proper steps:

  1. Access the OAKS course
  2. Click Content
  3. Click into or Add a module for the embedded video to reside in
  4. Click New and then select Create a File
  5. Enter a title for the page in the Enter a Title field
  6. Click the Insert Stuff button
  7. Click Insert Kaltura Media
  8. Find the video that you have previously uploaded and select </> Embed 
  9. Click Next
  10. Click Insert  
  11. Click Save and Close


Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you - TLT Supported Academic Applications


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