VoiceThread problems, students can't record comments


The VoiceThread (VT) didn't let students record anything. 

When recording in VT it only allows me a few seconds to record.

In VoiceThread there is no commenting options under the + (plus sign).




Can be caused by problems in Playback Options within the VoiceThread


  1. Click on the specific VoiceThread either in OAKS or in VoiceThread
  2. Click on the three lines in the upper left corner of the VT and choose Edit
  3. Now on the right side, choose Options > Playback Settings
  4. Click on the tab entitled Playback Options
  5. There are a few things to check:
    1. As you scroll down, look to see if the box next to Limit each comment to is checked.  If so, uncheck it or increase the time of the comment so the students can have enough time to comment.
    2. Under Allowed Comment Methods be sure that at least one of the options is checked (you can check them all if you wish)
  6. Click Save


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Fri 4/27/18 7:52 AM
Mon 11/16/20 10:39 AM