Voicemail Extended Away Greeting (Out of Office)


A user will be out of office and needs to set an extended away greeting on their phone.




Users can record an extended away greeting from the phone itself or calling the voicemail service using the steps below. It is important to note that if the telephone line uses a pre-set after hours service or call routing schedule during the week/weekend, there may be issues using these steps.Once the recording is created, the away greeting will need to be turned on and then back off by Service Desk staff.

For users to set up a recording:

  1. Call the voicemail service from the phone itself by dialing 843-953-0615. If dialing from another campus phone, you will need to press the star (*) key and then enter in the phone number you are looking to turn a greeting on for and then press the pound key (#). If dialing from a personal phone (non-CofC VOIP line), you just need to enter in the phone number you are looking to turn a greeting on for and then press the pound key (#).
  2. When prompted, enter in the passcode for the phone line followed by the pound key (#).
  3. Press one (1) to access the voicemail box.
  4. Once in the voicemail, press four (4) to access the extended away greeting.
  5. Record message.

Once the message has been recorded, please contact the Service Desk to ensure that the away greeting has been properly turned on. When the user returns, please contact Service Desk to ensure that the extended away greeting has been turned off.

Do you still need help? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you.Voicemail Extended Away Greeting



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