Audio files from WW Norton not loading in OAKS Quiz


Audio files embedded in an OAKS Quiz imported from WW Norton (publisher content) were not playing in certain web browsers.




Audio files were embedded using Adobe Flash Player, which is being phased out by all modern web browsers due to security, poor performance and other reasons. Many browsers are set to block Flash content by default.


First, reload the page or restart the browser.

Switching to a different web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge) has also allowed the Flash content to play. Chrome for Windows 10 was observed as not working, but all other tested browsers were able to load the content.

If the user does not want to switch to a different browser:

  • When viewing the page with the blocked content, an icon in either the top left or top right will indicate that Flash is being blocked (depending on the browser). Click on the icon and allow the content to run.
  • Update the browser to the newest version
    • Safari: Install updates from the Mac App Store
    • Firefox: Preferences > Firefox Updates > Automatically install updates
    • Chrome: Updates automatically


Do you still need help? Crate a support ticket and someone will contact you - OAKS Help.


Article ID: 56083
Mon 6/18/18 2:15 PM
Thu 2/27/20 3:57 PM