Birthdate or SSN Correction


Birthdate on record is incorrect

Social Security number is incorrect

I cannot locate my username or my CWID because my information on record is not correct



Enrolled Students, Alumni, Prospective Students (recently accepted Undergraduate or Graduate), Employees



Required User Actions

Correction of SSN or Birthdate is completed by different offices, depending on your role at the college. Contact

  • the Registrar's Office for current student/alumni
  • Human Resources for employees
  • Admissions for newly accepted undergraduate students who have never registered for classes
  • or the Graduate School for newly accepted graduate students who have never registered for classes

Once the necessary corrections are made by the appropriate office, it may take an overnight processing for changes to accurately reflect in all systems. Contact IT for assistance if your record has not been updated after overnight processing on a business day.


Service Desk Processing

In the event that the user record is not automatically updated in Active Directory/Azure after an overnight processing, there may be a problem with the script. Please do the following:

  1. Confirm the correct information is on file with the appropriate office. In the ticket for the user, please note the correct information that should be on file, the department that verified the correct number (Registrar, Admissions, HR) and the person within that department who confirmed the correct information within their system. Be sure to note that information within the ticket to properly document, but assist the user as needed once the other office can verify the correct information on file.
  2. Escalate the issue to IT-EAM-IAM to check the overnight script and update the record to match what's in Banner. Note out correct information and departmental verification as well.

Note: Banner is the source for records, and Banner must be updated by the appropriate office. IT will not make changes to Banner, and will only update Active Directory if the correction has already been made in Banner.


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