Update Online Directory Phone Number


The Directory phone number when a name search is done for me is incorrect.

How do I update my phone number in the online directory?



CofC Online Directory



IT does not update the Online Directory. It is pulled daily from information in the HR system and can be updated by the affected employee directly:

  1. Log in to MyCharleston (my.cofc.edu).
  2. Go to the Employee tab.
  3. Click the Banner Self-Service folder to expand the options available under this link.
  4. Click the Personal Information.
  5. Click Update Phones.
  6. In the list of available phone numbers, under CofC Office, click Phone to get to the edit page.
  7. Update your CofC Office number in MyCharleston. Click the Submit button.

To update Department, or something that is not listed in the Personal Information folder, contact HR.


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