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Why am I getting an email with "Subject: Updates from All Company"?

How can I stop getting notifications from All Company?

How do I adjust notification settings in Yammer?






Everyone is automatically subscribed to the All Company group in Yammer. If you have set Yammer notifications to be received via email, you will receive emails with "Updates from All Company."  There is no "Join" or "Leave" option available for the All Company group, but you can adjust your notification settings.



You can adjust your settings in Yammer so that you are not emailed notifications. Note that this will affect notifications for all your groups, not just the All Company group.

To adjust Yammer notification settings:

  1. Log in to your Yammer account (You can click the Yammer icon in MyCharleston to get to the sign in page, and log in with your email credentials)
  2. Click the Settings and More icon (usually in the upper left corner, looks like a gear) and then choose Edit Settings
  3. Settings for your account will appear on the right. Click the Notifications tab.
  4. From here you can choose when Yammer will email you a notification.
    • If you don't want to get daily notifications from your groups, uncheck the "There are updates from my groups (daily)" checkbox.


You can join and leave any group but All Company by clicking "Join" or "Leave" in the upper right corner after signing into Yammer.


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