"Computer May Be Infected" message


I have a message on my screen that says my computer may be infected, and it lists a number for me to call.



Web Browser




This is a scam. Your brower has been redirected to a website that displays this message in attempt to scare you into calling the number.



Do not call the number listed on the message The scammer will typically try to gain remote access to your computer and ultimately infects the computer or tries to steal information.

Most likely, you can clear the message and continue working.


  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del

  2. Choose Task Manager
  3. Select your web browser application (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox)
  4. Click the End Task button on the lower right
  5. This will force the browser to close and the message will likely go away. If it does not, contact the CofC Service Desk for assistance.


  1. Hit Command+Spacebar to bring up the Spotlight search field.
  2. Type in “Activity Monitor”
  3. Hit the Return key when “Activity Monitor” populates in the spotlight results.
  4. You are now in Activity Monitor where you can manage and manipulate tasks.
  5. Select your web browser application (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox)
  6. Select the X in the top left corner to end the task.

Do you still need assistance? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you: Computer Repair and Service


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