iPad or iPhone Won't Connect to Eduroam


"Cannot connect to this network"

Unable to connect to Eduroam after password was reset







  1. Try updating the password on your device.
    1. Open Safari. If it prompts to authenticate, enter the new password. If you are not prompted for a password, proceed to step 2.
  2. Try forgetting the network, and then re-add it.
    1. Go to Settings>Wi-Fi
    2. Next to Eduroam, tap the blue arrow (iPad) or information symbol (iPhone)               information icon
    3. Tap Forget this Network
    4. Restart the device, then try connecting to Eduroam again.
  3. If you do not have an option to forget the network, this is likely due to a profile being installed by SecureW2 or Eduroam CAT. Remove the profile and then try connecting to Eduroam again.
    1. To remove the profile: Go to Settings>General>Profiles & Device Management>Eduroam>Delete Profile
    2. Restart the device and try connecting to Eduroam again.
  4. If still not working,
    1. Make sure Auto Join is enabled: Settings>Wi-Fi>Eduroam>Auto-Join
    2. Try turning off cellular data (Settings>Cellular>Cellular Data), then opening Safari. If it prompts for username/password, enter the full email address and latest password. If still not prompted, turn cellular data back on, and go to wireless.cofc.edu. At this point, it will usually prompt for the username/password without even having to download the profile, but if it does not, install a new profile by pressing the "Apple iOS mobile devices" button on that site.


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