How do I register my account for the Self-Service Password Feature?


I need to register my account to allow for the Self-Service Password reset function.


College of Charleston computers,

Office 365 web applications


1. You must register your account prior to utilizing the Self Service Password Reset


Select Register Your Account


           Attempt to log into Office 365 web applications (Outlook Web Access, OneDrive, Teams etc.)

           Select More Information Required 

2. After the More information is Required prompt, click next

3.  Choose the validation method of your choice

  • mobile authenticator app
  • phone number
  • personal email address

4. Click Set up

5. If you want to change a method shown, click Choose security info this allows you to change from the mobile authenticator app to use a phone number for example.

6. After changing the method of your first and second method, click Close

7. Provide the information about an alternate email address, or your phone number depending on your method choice then click Done.

8. Verify your phone by providing the code or using the Authenticator App

  • Click Add Account
  • Select Work or School Account
  • Scan or manually enter the QR code displayed

9. After completing the set up and verifying your validation method, click Done.


In order to reset your password using the Self-Service Password Reset feature, visit and choose Reset Your Password or Change Your Password.


Do you still need help? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you. Request Service Desk Assistance





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