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User is unable to connect to a College machine via Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP).


Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP)




This list is not exhaustive, but offers some suggestions on what may cause issues when attempting to remotely connect to a College machine through RDP.

  • Check network connections for machine you are connecting from:
    • To remotely connect to a College machine, you must be connected to the College network here on campus (either through Eduroam or Ethernet), or be remotely connected at home via Pulse Secure VPN. You can request Pulse Secure VPN access using the online form.
  • Check settings for the machine you are connecting to:
    • The machine must be on the network, powered on and not asleep for connection to go through. You can remotely connect from a Mac, PC or mobile device (anything that can install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app) using RDP, but cannot RDP into a non-PC machine.
    • Verify the correct computer name for connection. You can also test using the IP address (if you have it) or the fully resolved machine name. The fully resolved name is the normal machine name (such as NAME-12345) followed by So, like this as an example:
    • You can check a PC's RDP settings by looking under Computer Properties (Start menu, right click This PC or Computer, choose Properties). There is an option for Remote Settings- make sure it is set to allow remote connection.
  • Check login information for RDP:
    • RDP should use a logged in user's domain (COUGARS/MyCharleston) credentials for connections. It may want you to put in the Domain before the username (example: COUGARS\Username). Be sure you are logging in with your MyCharleston credentials (not your email ones).
    • You must be an administrator in order to remotely connect to another machine. Check to be sure you are an administrator on the machine you are connecting to and from. You can follow the steps on this page to find if you are an administrator on your PC or Mac machine.
    • If connecting to a server (not a campus machine), make sure you have been properly granted access prior.
  • Try remotely connecting by IP address
  • Verify the error message for additional assistance
    • Depending on the error, more troubleshooting may be required. Check the error you receive to be sure it doesn't point to specific issue (such as needed Windows updates, higher permissions, etc.).

Do you still need assistance? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you. Microsoft Remote Desktop General Connection Help


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