Use Text Help Read & Write Software


Installation of Read & Write software



Students personal Windows or Mac Computers

Extensions are available for Chrome and Edge web browsers

Desktop versions are available for mac OS X and Windows operating systems



What is Read & Write?

Read & Write is a customizable, easy-to-use toolbar that seamlessly integrates with mainstream computer applications (such as Office 365 and Google Apps). It offers you help as you work, highlights and reads text aloud using natural-sounding voices, and includes a comprehensive set of support tools. It is designed to allow you to better comprehend digital content, organize content, and be more productive. It allows for speech dictation, can read text to you, capture audio notes, allows you to draw on and highlight text, and more.



Who can use Read & Write?

The college has a campus-wide license for Read & Write, available to College of Charleston students, faculty, and staff.


How can I install Read & Write?

Start installation from the texthelp academy support website.

  1. Click the Installation option
  2. Choose I don't have a product code and click Continue
  3. Choose Read&Write
  4. Choose the platform you wish to install it on and click Continue
    • Note: The desktop versions have more features 
  5. Choose Single for the license type
  6. Choose G Suite for authentication
  7. Click Finish
  8. Follow the directions on the next screen
    1. First download the product by clicking the link
    2. Open and run the download to begin installation
    3. The first time you open the application, it will ask you to sign in. Choose Sign in with Google, and sign in with your CofC Google Apps account
      • Students: this is the same as username/password as your Cmail account
      • Employees: If you do not have a CofC Google Apps account, see the Employee Google Apps Account article for how to get one

Download instructions on how to use it for Windows, Mac, Chrome and Windows Edge from the Student Support Blog.



Do you still need help?  Submit tech support questions Text Help Website. (








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