Add closed captions to a VoiceThread


How can I enable closed captions on an older VoiceThread that does not already have them?


VoiceThreads created before 09/19/18 do not automatically have closed captions enabled. As of 09/19/18, any new VoiceThread you create will automatically have closed captions.


To trigger automatic closed captions for an existing VoiceThread (VT), you will need to make a copy of it.  Making a copy causes that copy to be seen as a new VT that will then have captions automatically generated.

Note: this process will only work on a VT you own or on which you have editing rights.


  1. Log into VoiceThread via OAKS by clicking on the VT link from a course homepage.

  2. Locate a non-captioned VT.

  3. Mouse-over the VT and click on the Copy icon.

  4. Under New Title, type in a new title for the VT.

  5. Under Which comments would you like to keep?, Choose Include all comments.

  6. Click Copy.

  7. Click Done.


Note: creating the captions on a copied VT can take several hours and possibly even overnight, based on the number of slides and amount of audio that needs to be captioned.


Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you - OAKS Help


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