Delete or Edit Your Yammer Posting


Can I delete a Yammer posting?

Can I edit a Yammer posting?

Can I delete postings I have already read?



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Delete Your Posting

You can delete one of your own postings:

Right below your posting, you'll see three dots (to the right of the "Share" button, which is the Yammer "More" button). Click on the three dots, and "Delete" will be one of the choices.


Edit Your Posting

There is now an Edit option for your posting. When you click the Edit button, a blank box will come up for you to type in a new post message. Yammer will replace the original post with the new message you type in, so if you just want to modify the message, be sure to copy the original message first to make it easier.

Readers can view a time-stamped history of an edited post.


Manage Read Postings

The front page of Yammer shows how many unread messages there are for all the groups you have joined. You cannot delete posts added by other people, but you can:

  1. Read new postings by clicking on any groups showing new messages available. Scroll down to see older postings. Once you have viewed all the postings, the number of unread items will disappear.
  2. You can clear out any new items without reading them by clicking the "Clear New" link that is visable on the right hand side of the page. This does not delete the postings themselves, but clears them from your "new" postings.


Need more information?

Yammer training is available on Microsoft's website: Yammer Video Training

Additionally, you can join and post a question to the Yammer Help Group in Yammer.


Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you. Microsoft Office


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