Use Akindi outside of OAKS


If an Instructor uses Akindi inside of/from OAKS the instructor's Akindi account will automatically be created when they Launch Akindi from OAKS.  Instructor does not want to use Akindi inside of /from OAKS, Instructor will not be able to login to Akindi web or mobile app using their C of C credentials.  




If an instructor does not want to create an account through OAKS, they can sign up at

If an Instructor would like to log into Akindi (mobile or web) using a password, they will have to create an Akindi password which can be done by going to the Settings tab in Akindi. 

For steps on how to use Akindi and information on what Akindi can do, visit the Getting Start Video.



Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you - OAKS Help


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