Saving discussion posts in OAKS


I would like my students to have access to the discussion boards after the course closes.






  1. Go to the COMMUNICATION drop down menu at the top and choose DISCUSSIONS
  2. Open the drop down menu next to the discussion you would like to download and select VIEW TOPIC IN GRID VIEW
  3. On the top right of the Discussion screen, in the VIEW drop down menu select ALL POSTS then click APPLY
  4. Go to the bottom right of the table and choose the maximum number view per page that it will allow in the drop down menu. Example: 50 per page
  5. In the table click in the TOP LEFT BOX to SELECT ALL THREADS
  6. Just above the table click on the PRINT ICON
  7. Posts will be displayed in order of date and time of post in the print ready document.
  8. In the bottom left of the print ready document select PRINT. You can choose to save as a pdf or print the document.


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