Open a Link in Non-Default Browser


How do I specify a website to always open with a specific browser (regardless of what the default browser is.) 

When I click on a link, it always opens in my default browser. The site I want to visit will not work in my default browser, but I don't want to change my default browser. How can I get to the site?






Quick Method

If this site will rarely be visited, the easiest thing to do is to copy the link and paste it in the browser you wish to use:

  1. Right-click the link (on mac, use control+click), and select the option to copy the link.
  2. Open up a different web browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari), and paste the copied link into the address bar of the alternative browser.
  3. Press Enter to go to the site.


Create a Shortcut

If this is a site that you will visit repeatedly, and you do not want to change your default web browser, you can create a shortcut to the link and have it open in an alternate browser. These instructions are for Windows computers.

  1. Click your Windows Start icon.
  2. Navigate to the browser you wish to open the link in, then click/drag the icon to the desktop
    • If you are unable to click and drag the icon to the desktop, you can still get it there with a few more steps
      1. Right-click the browser icon and choose Open file location. The location of the browser will open in Windows Explorer.
      2. Right-click the browser in the Windows Explorer Window, and choose Send to > Desktop. A shortcut to the browser now appears on your desktop
  3. Right-click the browser icon on your desktop and choose Properties
  4. On the Shortcut tab, the Target field will show the location of the browser. Place your mouse cursor at the end of the location, and type a space followed by the full URL for the site you wish to create a shortcut for.
  5. Switch to the General tab, and rename the shortcut from the browser name to whatever you would like to call the shortcut.
  6. Click OK to close the window.


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