Email Sensitive Information (Quarantined Emails)


How do I send a secure email message?

I received an email from the Postmaster that an email was quarantined because it appears to contain sensitive information. What should I do?



College of Charleston Employee Email



An email sent to you has been quarantined because it appears to contain sensitive information. The College prohibits inbound email that contains credit card and full social security numbers in an effort to safe guard sensitive data.

NOTE: The system will purge quarantined email after 30 days.



Please help prevent data loss at the College. If your business process requires that you transmit or receive sensitive information, the following options are available for your use:

Secure Share


  • Secure Share is a web-based application that allows faculty and staff to securely and temporarily share files across campus and with external users (non
  • All faculty and staff have access to this application for free. No approval or registration is required.
  • Secure Share is accessible off campus as long as you have internet connection.
  • You can send large files up to 10GB to each recipients; up to a total 100 GB total.


Encrypted Email

  • The College email encryption service allows approved campus Exchange email users ( to send sensitive data such as social security and credit card numbers safely and securely to external users (non
  • The email encryption service ensures that the recipient retrieves the message through an encrypted web portal for a more secure transmission.
  • Requests must include a College-related business case and supervisor approval.
  • Download the Request for Employee Access to Protected Data Form to request the ability to send email via encrypted methods.


Releasing Quarantined Messages

It is possible that your quarantined email was mistakenly identified as containing sensitive information. If you believe that the message was mistakenly quarantined, or if you have any questions about DLP, please contact the IT ServiceDesk. 

You may also submit a ticket online via our service catalog to petition for an email's release. Please include a copy of the quarantined email notice so we can accurately find the quarantined message. Information Security will review the email in question to see if it is possible to release.

Please note that a copy of the quarantined email will be retained and may be reviewed by staff from the Information Technology Office, Office of General Counsel or the Information Security Office (ISO) for authorized investigations, or by College IT / ISO in response to user inquiries or to improve accuracy of the DLP protection rules in place.

Further information on the College's electronic communications usage policy (which also helps define appropriate usage of College email accounts) is attached to this article as well.

Do you still need help?  Create a support ticket and someone will contact you. Email Report a Problem/Request



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