Self Service Password Reset


What is Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)?

How do I register my account for SSPR?

Who can use SSPR?

How can I reset my password using SSPR?



College of Charleston students, faculty, and staff



All College of Charleston systems that authenticate to Azure: MyCharleston, computer logins, OAKS, Microsoft Office 365 apps, Eduroam, etc.



You can use Self Service Password Reset to reset your own password. The short link to get to Self Service Password Reset is:


What is Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)?

Self-Service Password Reset allows you (students, alumni, faculty, retired faculty, and staff) to reset, unlock, or change your College of Charleston password on your own, without the assistance of the Service Desk. This is a Microsoft service, so the short link mentioned above will direct you to Do not be alarmed -- this is the correct site.

To use this service, you must first register your account using your phone number, Microsoft Authenticator app, or a personal email address. This is the information that will be used to validate your identity should you need to reset or change your password in the future, even if your account is expired, disabled, or locked due to security reasons. Using this method changes your password across all related systems, so this is the best method to change your password.

[Video] - Microsoft's overview of Self Service Password Reset


How do I Register for Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)?

Click Here to Register Your Account

[PDF] - Instructions of how to register your account for Self Service Password Reset

You can register as many recovery methods as you like, but you must set up at least 2 in order to use Self Service Password Reset.

The registration process requires you to sign in, so you have to know your password in order to register your account. If you don't know your password and have not registered for Self Service Password Reset, you will need to contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.


Reset Your Password

Change your Password - Use this link if you know your current password, but want to change it.

Reset Your Password - Use this link if you forgot your password and need to create a new one. Your account must be registered before you can use this link. If you have not registered your account for Self Service Password Reset and need help with your account password, contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

After you click the link to reset the password, follow the prompts on the screen:

  1. You will first be prompted to enter your CofC Microsoft username. This is most likely the same as your email address.
    • Your CofC Microsoft username is your MyCharleston username, followed by (for employees) or (for students).
    • Student workers with an email address should use the suffix
    • Prospective students who do not have an email address will use their CWID number followed by
  2. Type in the captcha letters to prove you are human, and click Next to proceed.
    • If you have trouble telling what the letters are, you can use the audio or refresh icons next to the captcha
    • Letters are not case sensitive
  3. Select a method you would like to use to authenticate
    • You can choose from any of the methods you already set up on your account -- Microsoft Authenticator App, text a phone, call a phone, or your personal email address
  4. Respond to the screen according to whatever method you selected
    • For text, you would need to type in the code from the text message
    • For phone call, you need to hit # after answering the call
    • For the Authenticator app, tap Approve on your app
    • For email, type in the code you received in email
  5. Repeat for a second method
  6. After two methods are confirmed, you will be taken to a screen to enter a new password
    • Do not repeat passwords you have used before
    • Strong passwords contain a mix of letters, numbers, and at least one special character
    • Your new password will be good for 450 days
  7. Once you create a new password, you will be able to log into all College of Charleston systems that use Azure to authenticate (MyCharleston, on-campus computers, Eduroam, OAKS, etc.)
    • The password change takes effect immediately. It can occasionally take up to 30 minutes for the password to propagate through all systems.


Who can use Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)?

College of Charleston staff, faculty, and students (current and former) are eligible to register their accounts and use SSPR.  Alumni who are using their CWID as their login may not be able to use this method due to product licensing limitations.


How can I change my Sign-in Methods for SSPR?

Change Security Info for MFA or SSPR


Do you still need assistance? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you:

Microsoft Office Questions

MyCharleston Access


Not able to sign in to submit a ticket? Contact IT Service Desk for assistance.



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