Cmail Synchronization Error - "Uh Oh, Some or part of this process didn't go entireley to script..."


When I use the synchronization link in MyCharleston, I get an "Uh Oh" error that says it cannot be synced and to contact the administrator. 


Example Error Message:

"Uh Oh

Some part of this process didn't go entirely according to script. Our system administrators have been notified and will soon let you know the status of your account. At that time you will receive further instructions on your creating your account."



Cmail accounts for Students and Alumni



  1. Try logging in using the default password (CWID followed by 6 digit birthdate). If you have never logged in before, you will likely be able to log in, be prompted to accept terms of agreement, and be prompted to change the password.
  2. If you are still unable to log into Cmail, but are able to log into MyCharleston, try resetting your MyCharleston password first, then using the synchronization link:
    1. If you are logged into a personal gmail account, log out first
    2. Log into MyCharleston
    3. Go to the My Accounts tab
    4. Click the link that says "Access Your Account Preferences for MyCharelston"
    5. Create a new password and click Save Changes in the lower right corner.
    6. After changing the password, go back to the My Accounts tab
    7. Click the link to "Synchronize Your Google Apps Password"
    8. Click Yes, and Proceed
    9. Then once successfully synched, click the Cmail icon to get to the Cmail login page
    10. Enter your email address (same as your MyCharelston username followed by
    11. Enter the new password (your MyCharleston password)
    12. If prompted, accept the terms of agreement
    13. At this point, you should be signed into your email
  3. If your MyCharleston password fails to change, or if you are still getting the same error when trying to synchronize, create a ticket for the IT Service Desk to reset your password using Google Admin. Be sure to provide the following information:
    1. Your full name
    2. Your CWID
    3. Your birthdate
    4. The last 4 of SSN
    5. Which account password you need reset


Do you still need assistance? Create a support ticket and someone will contact you:

Request your Cmail Password be Reset

Request your MyCharleston Password be Reset


More ways to contact the IT Service Desk:

  1. Phone, 843-953-3375
  2. Chat,
  3. Email,


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