CSAS (Cougar Scholarship Awarding System) Portal Information


I received an email advising to submit recommendations on the CSAS portal. What is the CSAS portal?

How do I reset my password for CSAS?

How do I sign into my scholarship account?


Blackbaud Award Management, Scholarship Management (formerly Academicworks)


What is it?

The College of Charleston has switched to an online scholarship awarding system called the Cougar Scholarship Award System (CSAS). CSAS will serve as the platform that you will use to apply for all privately funded scholarships. CSAS gives you access to all departmental scholarships that may be available to you through one easy application! To submit an application, please visit https://cofc.academicworks.com/

Academic Works was the name of the software before it was purchased from Blackbaud. Now the software is called Blackbaud Award Management and we named it the Cougar Scholarship Award System, as they encouraged us to personalize the name.


What is my username and password?

Applicants and newly admitted students (pre-deposits)

For new applicants and newly admitted students, your username is your CWID number followed by @g.cofc.edu. (While this may be in the format of an email address, it is important to realize it is not an actual email address. You will get your CofC email account once you have made your initial enrollment deposits.)

The password is your 8 digit CWID number, followed by your 6 digit birthdate (mmddyy format), followed by a capital letter A and an exclamation mark (!). For example, if your CWID is 12345678 and your birthdate is January 1, 2001, the password would be: 12345678010101A!

If you do not know your CWID number, you may look it up here.

Please note: For newly admitted students who have accessed MyCharleston, the password for CSAS may no longer be the default password noted above, but the password you set for MyCharleston.

Existing students (current and newly admitted students who have paid deposits)

For existing students, CSAS uses your Cmail address as the username, and MyCharleston password for the password (just like you do with OAKS and Eduroam, for example).


How do I reset my password?

At the bottom of the log in screen there is a link you can click that says “Trouble signing in?” and you can use this link to reset the password.

If you are unable to reset your own password, please contact the IT Service Desk for help: https://help.cofc.edu/. You will need to provide the following information for Service Desk to reset the password for you:

  1. Your full name on record
  2. Your CWID (Locate Your CWID Here)
  3. Your date of birth
  4. The last 4 digits of your SSN (International Students who do not have a social security number will need to supply their Passport ID number instead)


More information

Click Here for FAQs and more information about Cougar Scholarship Awarding System (CSAS).


Do you still need assistance? Email foundationscholarships@cofc.edu.


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