Working Remotely - Best Practices


I need to work from home and I'm not sure how to get started.


Home office



  • Set up an office. You may feel like you can work best at the kitchen table, but you need to separate your work from the rest of your life. Then when you are through for the day, close the door and leave it behind you.


  • Set a schedule and stick to it. Just like in the office you have a schedule you follow. At home, you have the flexibility to start earlier (or later). Be sure to take breaks. It's easy to feel like you are slacking off, but breaks are part of your at-the-office day too. Make sure your schedule in Outlook is current, so people know when you are available.


  • Keep Teams open. It's important to keep up that ad hoc communication.  Not only is it good to be able to get answers to a question you might have, it increases your feeling of being connected with your colleagues. Use the status option to let people know when you are available, busy or will be right back (click your profile icon in the top-right-hand corner.)


  • Turn on your camera. If you are using Teams for meetings, it's important to keep the engagement level up. Without the camera on it's hard not to multitask and lose engagement.


  • Clean up! Yes, an advantage of working from home is that you can wear what you want and skip the shower. That's ok for a while, but If it's going to be a prolonged experience, treat it like an office work day and follow your normal routine (shower, getting dressed for work, etc.) and keep your home office as organized (or more) like the one at the office.


  • Managing remotely. While you may be a hands-off manager, you need to be more hands-on when your team is dispersed. If the remote work is due to an emergency, set up a call tree where people have assigned co-workers to ping on a regular schedule to make sure they are ok. A daily stand-up is also a good idea so that you can monitor work progress and your team's needs. Keep the 1:1's as scheduled, but use Teams.



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