Recently Modified Articles

Setting up an Exchange Email Account on your Apple Device
This article provides alternative for clients in need of equipment not loaned by IT.
This article provides information on how to access the College's limited NVivo license.
macOS includes a technology called Gatekeeper that's designed to ensure that only trusted software runs on your Mac. After clicking on a download app users will receive one of the following errors. App cannot be open because the developer cannot be verified, App can't be open because it was not downloaded from the App store.
Respondus LockDown Browser is a secure browser for taking exams in OAKS. It prevents users from accessing other applications while taking an exam. This article explains its usage and how to install it.
This article explains how to use the new (as of October 2020) custom photo gallery/slideshow feature built into Cascade CMS. The feature allows you to build a page with an optional photo slideshow or photo gallery that is customizable and more importantly, mobile-responsive, to add interactive media to your site without having to write any code.
Learn how to get the stats for your CofC Cascade website.
Learn how to log into the Content Management System
Learn how to delete page elements in cascade
How to create a collapsible list in Cascade Server.
This article directs you to where you can receive training for Cascade so you can maintain your CofC website.
This article addresses the management of a website's navigation menu within Cascade CMS.
Resources to increase Zoom security and reduce the chance of Zoombombing.
This article provides instructions on how to power off an iPad.
This article lists the steps for students to set up an Authorized User in eBill.
This short article explains how a meeting organizer can set the permissions in a Zoom meeting to allow multiple participants to screen share at the same time.
A new Zoom feature allows you to share multiple screens at once!
Chart of compatible heasets for use with VoIP phones
Show how to search the knowledge base
User information about the Team Dynamix Programming workflow
Connect to a drive or server on the CofC network on a Mac.
How to connect to CofC network drives while off campus
This article describes how to swap the monitor order so that your cursor moves from one monitor to the next on the edge they are beside each other.
This article details what the privacy policy course is and how to access it.
Updated instructions on how to log into the Ti server.