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It can take up to a week for a new employee to get access.
This document describes how to access Student Success Insights.
The door is locked. How can I get in?
College of Charleston students have the ability to electronically share certain academic and financial aid information with a parent or guardian.
When there is an issue with single-sign-on in MyCharleston, people will receive an Access Denied error even though they have access.
The classroom door codes are available under the faculty tab within MyCharleston.
How to get to Banner 9
How do I sign into the OneDrive app after it is installed on my computer?
Contact IT when your account is expired.
How to connect to CofC network drives while off campus
This article describes how to address the "We can't get your files" error when attempting to access files on a newly-created team in Microsoft Teams.
Includes the website, download name, and credentials to sign into MyPortal
Some people have Microsoft 365 accounts from other institutions. Once signed into one, it's often difficult to get signed in to the other. Here's how to overcome that.
Troubleshooting Degree Works Access Denied Error
You can view Shared OneDrive Files/Folders online or set up shortcuts in File Explorer.