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How to create screenrecordings using Kaltura.
This article provides information on allowing 3rd party cookies in Safari to successfully play Kaltura videos in OAKS.
While OAKS will accept most file types, users should not upload media files directly into OAKS tools. There are other media options, integrated with OAKS that will produce a better result.
Instructions on how to fix Kaltura videos showing as [Broken Topic] when content is copied over from another course.
Kaltura CaptureSpace/ Screencast/Screen recording/Desktop recording no longer working
Get a student tutorial for Kaltura
We have no intention of getting rid of Kaltura, so your videos will remain archived in your OAKS course. You can also access files and recordings outside of OAKS from the Kaltura Media Space.
Learn how to change the settings on a Kaltura Channel to allow others to post a video to it.
How to delete a video from the Kaltura My Media Dashboard through the OAKS integrated site.
Learn what causes an Access Denied error in Kaltura and how the owner of the video can fix it.
Instructions on how to upload a video to Kaltura through the OAKS integration.
Kaltura is a Youtube-like, online media server for CofC faculty, staff and students only. Unlike other media servers on campus Kaltura is available to students so it can be used to upload video projects. It can be used it to upload tutorials, online lectures or presentation or any original work.   Adding closed captions to media files allows many different types of users to access and understand your content.
How to add student accounts to Kaltura.
Kaltura is a Youtube-like media server available to CofC users only (faculty, staff, and students).  Users can add interactive quiz questions throughout the video to keep viewers engaged in the content.
Audio and video is a powerful learning tool for students and can be used in OAKS. While it is recommended that users do not upload media directly into OAKS, media can be used when put online and linked within OAKS.